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Saturday, 27 October 2012

How To Write Stories That Sell

How do stories hook readers in? Why are they used to sell products and services? Is it really a myth?

We have heard many a times on how stories are effective to selling online but understanding how it works, is a different matter. By understanding how it works with the customers brain...we can have a pattern, a sequence to use all the time.

For that to happen, we have to first understand how does the brain work with stories.

Why does the brain love stories and is it any kind of story?

Let's find out...

 How to Write Stories That Sell

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why Customers Buy And Why They Don't

Have you had prospects who are so interested in your products or opportuniy and mysteriously dissappear? Ever wondered why it happens?

Here's why and how to fix it...

Why Customers Buy

Sunday, 25 September 2011

4 Things Your Prospects Want You To Know

I was with a business owner who just couldn't understand what was wrong, with leaving a comment on someone's blog, which had a link back to their website.

They couldn't understand why their comments were not allowed.

It's all based on common sense.

In fact, all the books you have today, are based on common sense but is not so common these days.

Here's the 4 things to remember...

1. Your prospects have had years of cold calling, automated phone messages from sales companies and junk mail.

They've got TV commercials which they switch over because it invades their privacy. They didn't pay for these commericials.

Your potential customer has had distributors, network marketers knocking on their doors to sell them some pipe dream or a product.

Then when they think they can go home peacefully from work, they are faced with clipboard sales people, who want to do a survey. They can see them a mile off and dodge them way before they get to that stage.

2. Your leads, prospects, future customers have access to tools, information to fight back against the armies of sales reps, network marketers, distributors and anyone else for that matter.

They can with a button delete a comment from their blog. They can in seconds remove someone from their facebook.

They have tools to see who is calling on their phone and they have answer machine.

Heck, they are masters now at all the prospecting scripts a network marketer may try and foolishly use. They are debating in forums where people had enough of such tactics.

4. People have been hurt, have the promises not delivered and these experiences and more, have got them to put walls so high.

Yes, the ones who don't get it and who base their financial future on fast, get rich, and immediate gain and relief - will....be...scammed.

But that's not a business owner but a con artist who has to keep moving, creating new websites with more scams.

How Do You Then Build Trust?

Again, if we take a step back and ask the right questions we will see that it is again based on common sense.

1. What are people truly drawn to? What are leaders drawn to? What are distributors drawn to?

People want to win.

They want to find someone who does solve the problem.

They are drawn to the person who has the values they need in business and in life.

You need to know what these values are by first knowing exactly what it is you're selling, to whom and why.

2. What do new people in Network Marketing looking for?

They are looking for solutions to overcome their learning curve and to get what they couldn't get anywhere else, or they couldn't get from their uplines or company.
  • How to truly attract leads.
  • How to build the trust.
  • How to convert the sale.
And to have tools, knowledge, practical step that are clear for them to apply. They want to make sales and sponsor without humilation, without the pain, frustrations they've had.

3. What do leaders look for?

What they do not look for and run away from is someone sending an email message or a pm; and it's..

"Hey check this out. This system blah, blah does that and you can make money blah, blah and it gets leads blah blah.

If you're doing that. STOP IT NOW! It's hurting your business and you're losing good people who can help you, if you approach ethically and with true understanding how to develop a business and network.

A leader has these tools already.

They already in a business.

They already making money and if they are not happy in a company, they won't be looking for someone who does that.

They'll be looking for someone who can help them with education, training, system and maybe, later on detailed understanding of compensation.

But the first stage a leader wants is to first get to know the person.

To see if the person...

A) Trust worthy.
B) Has ethics.
C) Reliable.
D) And they can click together.
E) What value can you bring to the table.

And you better have a lot more than "I got great compensation plan and products, and systems."

The leader has these....already.

The value part they'll figure it out by seeing your whole set up.

Understand a leader is someone who can get that info easily by studying you.

One needs to wake the heck up and stop with the posturing crap. If you haven't done your home work, say so and the leader will lead you to the place or maybe, wonder why you asked such questions when you could easily find that out online.

That's laziness.

You can find all you need to know about someone, what their training is, their system, their set up online.

Anything about how much they make comes down to this...

None of ANYONE'S business.

A leader knows success is based on themselves, their ability, their skill, their expertise and not what someone else....makes.

This one pisses me off when someone steps ups and pretends they some hot shots to ask questions like this.

It shows someone hasn't done their home work. If someone wants to know about a company, go to the website.

If someone wants to know about compensation, go to the company website.

If someone wants to know how much one can earn - go to the companies website and see what the structure of a compensation plan.

If someone wants to know what level someone is at in skill, go to their website and you'll see it in display. It's there in full view.

Stay away from asking, "how much you make. What level you are at."

You don't ask that in the first date do you? You don't ask that in the first, second, third, fourth or even fith networking event to a business you're talking to?

It's ALL common sense.

Or do you want me to create some crap ebook on this and sell it to you for $39.97? I could, no problem. Just tell me and I'll do it and burn you with $39.97 that you could easily learn from common sense.

I understand some will say..

"Well, I am asking because I want to know if he or she can sponsor people globally. It's important for my business."


ALL distributors in ANY organisation of the MLM world has access globally. It is eas as..

A) Pick up a phone.
B) Call the company you represent.
C) And they'll get you in touch with someone who can and in your line of sponsorship.

And guess what?

The person you're questioning has that access and they'll be thinking..

"For pete sake. You been how long in MLM and you don't know this?!"

Get my drift friends.

Don't be a smart ass.

Every distributor has such access. It ain't a big deal.

I'm sick of people acting smart ass and they not making a dime. Pretending to be hot shot then 4 months down line, seeing them writing a full post article on a thread how they having such a hard time sponsoring.

I can see you a mile off and so can your customer who just read, "I don't know what I'm doing. How do you get leads? It's so hard to make money online."

There goes your business and all clients who just witnessed someone who has a signature link that says..

"How to attract 50 leads a day.."

Common sense.

A leader knows how to speak to a leader and the questions won't be on money.

It be of a higher level of value like training, expertise, network and what they can help each other with, so they have a win-win situation!

There is great joy when leaders help one another. There is this amazing thing you cannot get from just buying a book from someone and bugger off acting all that.

It is so valuable, that so many miss this part and shoot themselves in the foot. This has helped me learn faster than any books, courses.

One to one Mentorship or mingling with people who KNOW MORE than me. Hey no big deal. There will always be someone who knows more. Awesome!

If you need someone's help, if you need a leader's help, then you are going to approach them because of their values, knowledge, skills and not how much they make.

You need their skill, you need their mastery, their network, their years of building a list and they will give you it, when a person EARNS it!

But what happens is most is all about "how do I get some? How do I get some! How do I get some for ME!"

It takes time but see it this way.

How long you been at it "marketing online to get leads" and sod all has been really established?

It takes networking. It takes talking, listening, observing, and it takes understanding each other's values, principles.

It takes having someone of value to offer which the leader....needs.

Trust is bigger than money.

Reliability is another one.

Honesty is a big one.


Time which is valuable for busy people.


Put these together and it is is HUGE!

That is why, if you pm'd someone who is a leader on what YOU want to GET, it's over. You need to have a lot of knowledge, expertise, values, and you got your own tools of the trade.

You already provding your own training, own system, own products, own webinars etc.

That's a leader!

Just see who you click with, say to them why you like their values and step up and see how you can help.

And as you dio, the word gets round about your expertise in a bigger circle of trusting friends who refer to you and it be....PAID!


4. What does your prospects do NOT want to happen?

This is really with every human being. It's with all of us.

Your prospect does not want to be humilated, taken for a ride. They want to know..

A) Can I trust you.
B) Is it simple to do for me.
C) Will it work for me.

And these questions need to be answered with your platform by education using valuable content.

It can be done with your website blog, with the name of your site, the description of your website, the free funded proposal, the paid funded proposal, the ebooks, email newsletters etc.

It needs to be answered in the about page, in your articles, in your videos, in your sales letters and so forth.

Lead....with....education not some pitch. Your content is your advertising tool. Use it. Reveal value! Reveal your knowledge and if you have none..

Get some.

The platform, such as websites, videos are not just to create content.

They are basis to reveal your specialised skills. It is the basis to reveal your authority which cannot be faked.

It is the basis of building your...OWN community.

It is the ocean for people to swim, grow, enjoy themselves, learn and trust is built without worry of being hurt, humilated, and taken for a ride.

The secret is....it MUST be "their" idea to take action.

Sales, marketing is...a....process not an event.

As you can see no one can fake it until you make it.

That "fake it until you make it" means,..
"Believe in yourself. It be difficult at first because of knowledge to learn, skill to be earned, but believe in yourself as you struggle to get to the stage where you get result.

It won't be easy. Your life will be unbalanced for while. It be scarey at first. Keep going but do it within your means and prove to no one but yourself.

Be honest, ethical and do not lie.

Be true to your values and know that all of us started somewhere. All of us, no matter how big - started from the beginning. They just made more mistakes tha most and did a lot more work than most.

So believe in yourself, put the work in, plan, respect your time, and earn success. Earn it and you will change lives. I promise you, you will if you obide by the law of success and it's code.

Anything worth building, is worth doing right from day one. It will have a price, it will take work, it will take honesty, it will take knowledge, skill and expertise. It will take a team who believe in your value, code of conduct and how you never let money come before your honour."
It's going to take work and work that will pay you back a thousand time when you build it and getting working for you, your community and your team.

Jus stay away from fast fixes. Stay away from fast and easy.

It's time to take your business to the next level and get serious with it. There is no difference between anyone and a leader except knowledge, skill and experience, mindset.

These can be attained.

Start with looking in the mirror as I have.

It doesn't lie.

Adam Taha

Saturday, 11 June 2011

3 Steps To Increase Your Sales ...

The every increasing question that's on most people's minds is..

'How do I make sales from the website, blog?'

If you're on my email list, then you'll recieve weekly emails, revealing step by step strategies to help you tweak the process.

And in future, a print out and videos of the stats, showing the sales increase by 10%-15% due to simple changes.

For now, let's look at 3 steps you can do to help you increase your sales - with an understanding that you are...

1. Generating traffic to your blog or website.
2. Your building your list.

The people will optin to different areas of your blog. For example, on my new website and system - there's a header banner.

It has a video but also an optin form...

There is the navigation bar and each page has article and related articles. At the bottom of every page is an optin.

So I made the category as a list builder too.

On the footer of my website is another Optin form. This is an ebook that I'll be selling but people on my list won't be paying the £97.97 price.

Instead they'll get it for $15.95. The optin form is to be notified of the release and also get valuable email content.

All these are going to be tested and the system I've built from the ground up allows me to do this easily and fast. It's just click, click, paste code, paste image and done.

I did it this way because the lead generation system is also going to be a leading product.

When I say click, click, fast, easy - remember, it took me years, money and learning curve to learn the skill to make the system do this.

That's a system to help professionals to build a website blog with speed. Just wanted to make sure that's clear.

So, we now covered, that you have done 1-2. However, it's in number 3 where most make the mistake.


Lack of confidence, belief in themselves.

It's weird but most people are self sabotaging their business. They are so scared to sell their own product and even reveal they got products. Crazy huh? That's what 97% do.

Here's The 3 Steps To Increase Your Sales ...

Turn Your Knowledge Into A Paid Service....

This is added to one of my new websites on the top right hand side. I'm not hiding that I'm a business, there to make money by helping other business suss out what I did.

You can too.

Building your list is great but you got to make money to.

Your prospects are looking for solutions, they see you valuable. If you have given valuable content, built relationship then lead them to the 101 Coaching.

It doesn't have to be coaching.

It can be a course.

Whatever it is, focus on your strengths or partnner with someone else, and deliver an amazing course, training or webinar.

Start small with $15.95 and then lead people to more advanced training that's £97.95 etc.

Step Two - Turn Your Knowledge Into Information Products:

You can see below, why I've been away and focusing on just getting my products together. I love this part because I love creating.

These are step by step, visually and practical online marketing books. They took me a while to write because I was recording the steps, sales, process, results while testing the other websites.

I love testing and seeing what works.

People click and it takes them to a page, for readers to see examples of the book, know more of what problem will be solved and how to get the book.

That's four ebooks there and I got 45 I've written.

I made sure to stayed focused to creating my own lead generation system - my products, leading with my skills and not some guru's work.

My personal brand...FIRST!

You now have ideas to test out. Let me know how you got. Know that I'm busy with developing my lead generation system - so if you want updates, valuable content...get on my email list.

My email newsletters are very detailed and only for serious Network Marketers and home businesses from diverse industries.

You know where it is. Top right of this blog.

Adam Taha

Thursday, 28 April 2011

No One Throws Stones At An Empty Mango Tree

There is a saying...

"No one throws stones at an empty mango tree."

For most of what I have seen by some online....

They are great at getting to the top - but when they get there, and people see they got a lot of mangos - and stones are thrown at them....

Everything goes out of the window.

You see, it's not what others say, that will get you the most.

It's how YOU will think, act, do, react or respond when you are at the top.

Will you say to people...
So, so, was really bad. They did this and did that.

Will you react with lawsuits or respond?

Will you reach with defending by trying to pm, or email anyone who associates with the one who is throwing stones at you - to reveal, your trust had some price of..

"You either with me or them..."
What would you do?

If you're haven't made enemies yet, then you haven't reached there yet.

As you get to the top, there are going to be some people who will throw stones at you for any amount of reason.

It happens in every industry. Whether your Network Marketer, an Internet Marketer, an Author, Singer, Song Writer, Lawyer, Fashion, the whole industry my friends.

Are You Really Ready For
The Stone and Tomato Throwing

And it's here that I want to share with you, something that happened to me 6 years ago.

I recieve a call, from someone I know in the team.

He says...

"Adam! Did you hear what so, so is said about you?"
"It's not important."
"But...he said this and she said that, and other one said that."
"It's not important."

Then one day, I am walking in the City Centre. I see the very same person who did the talking and right there, were some of my closest team members too.

They saw me and I saw them.

Five weeks past and these very team members didn't show to any meetings. Then a few months after, I see them again, but this time at a Newsagent.

They look at me gobsmacked.

I walk up to them and I say, "Hey, how you doing. Great to see you.."

Later on, they tell me...

"Well, we thought you kind of didn't want anything to do with us."
"Eh? Why?" I asked.
"Well, you saw us with that guy, who talked bad about you and the other woman too."
"And?" I reply.
"Well, didn't you think...."

Later on, about two months, I was invited to do a talk in Leeds and it became one of the most meaningful, talk I have ever done...
"If you cared so much about what someone else said, done, wrote about you -, then you either not a leader yet. Or you either still not living in the abundance state. You either don't get it yet and even when you become a 6th figure income, it will reveal by how you question those around you about trust, about where they stand and start acting like people owe you something...."
You see, what is important is not where anyone else stands.

"What's important is where YOU stand"

If you truly believe in abundance, if you truly believe in leadership, if you truly believe on..

"What you get is what you focus on the most..."

Then nothing out there matters. What matters is where YOU stand. It's how YOU respond.

Some people do not get it yet.

They'll try and get some lawyer to file something on someone.

They'll try and email others to not hanging around with someone.

They'll try and question someone's trust.

They'll try all that is about 'Out There.'

But out there does not matter for someone who lives in the abundance state.

Billionnaires have had scores after scores of websites written negatively about them. And those who didn't focus on them, build bigger, great and more profitable and strong businesses.


Because when YOU know what matters most, then those around you begin to really see your leadership. They begin to see that you are truly someone who does not live in fear and understands what it means to live in the abundance level.

What's going to make it for you when you're at the top is - not whether you trust someone else. It's whether you let people do their own thinking so they grow to trust you more - instead of them not being able to be themselves.

It's letting others see for themselves and make their own decisions.

It's not what someone else has said, done, or even blazed about you all over the Internet.

It's what you do that counts.

It's not about so, so said that.

It's how you focus on those who matter.

I have seen many uplines who get to the top of the levels in Network Marketing and lose it, when they get hammered with critisms.

I've seen them lose good people because they tried to tell the good people they had, that there are terms who they can hang around with - and who to not hang around with.

I've seen musicians focus on the bickering of other bands and try and spend money that only the lawyers got rich on.

All of this could have been spent on MORE PR, and MORE advertising and MORE promotion and MORE giving to the ones who matters most.

You get what you focus on the most.

That's what it means.

Does that mean, if someone blazes you online or offline, then it's time to bring out the machine so forth?

My answer is I don't even bother.


When you know, what you know, there is nothing on this God's green planet that will stop you. Nothing whatsoever.

But when people reply to the noise, what happens is they give more stones to be thrown back. Focus on what matters most, on what one can do more in their business, with their team, with more giving, with more positive.

Turn the damn table round!

Yes, you need guts, heart, because the moment you do that - the ones on left and one's on right want you to choose who side you're on.

How about this..

The one many leaders do not talk about.

Forgive. Let it go. For God sake, stop this madness. Stop making something so big and feeding it!

Let me make it clear.....

The ones you trust isn't the ones who stay quiet and do as they are told. Who cheer about you openly. Who pump you up.

The ones you trust, are the ones who OPENLY, out there speaking and doing - WITHOUT - any fear that you will react and say..

"Ooooh! I saw you hang around with MY ENEMY, the one who says this and that."

They are the ones who will be there, through thick and thin in years to come.

They are the ones who do not do because they are going to make money by association. And they'll join so they get a cut from something later on.

They are the ones who don't give a damn if you like them or not, or you agree with them or not. They are the ones where you cannot buy or intimidate and buy trust. Or try to get trust by fear or any other way..

It's When They Make It THEIR IDEA...

They are the ones who make a company strong and say to the CEO...

"Hey! You got your numbers wrong!"

While others stay quiet because they might not get promoted or think you won't trust them anymore.

They have the abundance state.

They are at a level to even say..

"You're a leader. Show me your abudance mindset you so speak about and write about!"

There will be a time, when you get to
the top and you will learn why..

.... people do not throw stones at "empty" mango tree.

I hope when that day comes and people are throwing all at you, from every angle - that you do not react.

Instead you focus on what matters most.

Your business and making it grow bigger, faster and mightier.

Instead of the wallets of Lawyers and the ego.

- Adam Taha

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The MLM Tragedy....

How come, most in MLM don't think when they want help?

Most I say, not all.

Here's what I mean.

Here some guys and ladies in an MLM company.

They struggling.

They see someone online and they seen the value in that person.However, they make one move that reveals how they have yet to mature in mindset wise.

They go and ask..

"What's your level in the MLM company?"

The person replies...

"Listen. Who are you to ask me questions. I didn't ask anything from you. Its YOU who need my help."

MLM Old Age Tradgey

The Platinumns haven't made them wealthy.

The Ruby hasn't gone to show the plan for them or helped their prospect to know where the meeting is with a private phone call.

The Emeralds haven't flocked to their aid to help them sponsor hundreds of quality distributorship.

The Diamond hasn't gone their way, to help them sign up someone because they either at the other end of the globe.

They got someone else to do it.

So here's the question for people who have not matured yet and recognised they are going about it the wrong freaking way..

Why ask income level, pin level when these have not come to your aid?

It's About TEAM work NOT Pin Level Work
When these have never helped your business volume? When the spirit of Network Marketing MLM is about TEAM work.

Not some guy or woman who is Diamond and suddenly they'll give you some gold dust to make you Super Recruiter.

Most I knew, who were platinumns, Emeralds, Diamonds LEFT!

And the one who is ready to help is...still in. They will help from the heart.

When anyone wants to be sponsored by someone, and I don't give a damn who it is - listen up.

Don't ask people about their..

1. Income level.
2. Pin level.

You broke yourself and you are asking a human being who will help you.

They are the ones who will put the time in. They are the ones who will work with character, integrity to help you.
They are the ones who will help you to know the ropes until you grow fast and move yourself.

They are the real backbone of MLM Network Marketing industry.

They are the ones who buy products still.

They are the ones who drive to their team and help them out.

They are the ones who are not Platinumn, Emerald and Diamond pin level but got bigger hearts than most people today.

They are the ones that make billions for an MLM company. The ones who are still loyal, don't get recognised and they sit at the back.

They are the ones you need to give damn respect to big time. THEY DIDN'T LEAVE. They are still in the MLM Network Marketing.

They have courage and guts and stuck around.

They are the ones who upload articles, who create ebooks, who help one person at a time to heal.

There is no Diamond, Pearl, Ruby here with me.

s there?


Any with you mate?


Success is NOT determined by what your
upline, ruby, pearl, emerald, diamond does.

Nor what their Upline Diamond does.

It's what YOU do.

And if you're in an MLM Network Marketing company, think this..

1. Where are the big income dudes in the MLM company you are in at this moment? How come THEY haven't come to your aid?

2. Where are the big pin levels in the MLM company you are in - and why haven't THEY come to your aid right now?

Since that didn't help, WHY ASK for the same question to someone else, as if you're some hot shot.

Don't go on my list if you want me to prove anything.

I'm proving nothing, convincing nothing.

In fact, the email newsletter on your right will scare the living daylights of people who do that and of people who have got a mindset of an employee.

I owe nothing to people today and you don't owe people anything either.

Message To Distributors..
If the someone asks these questions, they are NOT ready.

Don't sponsor them.

It is an MLM tragedy that I have seen for years, over and over again. People, idoits asking questions like that.

You don't "need" to sponsor anyone.

You don't "need" to prove a darn thing to people.

You're good enough.

You are the back bone of our industry. I don't care if you only sell one product every 5 months. You have been there always.

Prove nothing and stand up for yourself.

Prove nothing.

The proving needs to happen the other way round.

You just learn marketing skills and increase your value. Your time is coming. Just do the work, stay focused.

Adam Taha

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why These Guru's Were Wrong....

From Adam Taha Newsletter, which is on the right hand side of the blog. This will be the last snippet from the email newsletter...

Dear Business Owner...

So people have said to you, it doesn't work and you need to be realistic?

To conform to what they think can and can't work.

Your mum, dad, friend and sisters, brothers didn't buy the products you got in the business you're in.

They haven't joined the business opportunity.

Maybe someone you know also asked..

'You are millionnaire yet?'

Years ago, I'd have not said a word but I grew strong to reply..
'You have been at it with your job for 10 years - and still you're fighting to pay the mortgage, the credit card debts and payment from the last Christmas shopping! When was the last time you saw anyone set up a business and in 3 month become a millionnaire?"
These days, I do not even give time for such small thinking, especially from anyone who cannot even sort their own financial mess out.

Amazing how all rationale leaves people.

But - this is how it is and you need to not take it personally and be tough emotionally - and learn what makes people tick.

People use their degrees, status, fame and all the fickle things most think are real and give advise.

It's Easy To Give Advise Because - It's Free

You want me to tell you a fantasy story - on how it's a number game? That you need to talk to EVERYONE about your business, product and services.

That the world loves dreamers and the world will suddenly fall down to it's feet and make way. That they'll cheer you on and everyone - mother, father, sister, brother, friends will suddenly cheer...

"YEEAHHHAAAA! We will buy products from you!"

That strangers will believe in an instant and welcome you to their homes and get their credit card just like that.

You picked it up this book because of pain and desperation to find a way to get out of the mess you're in.

Each step has only dug the hole deeper.

I'll show you the way out -but you need to do the work. I'vepaved the way - and your job is to follow, apply and also surpass me, if you desire.

Here's Why These Guru's Were Wrong

Take a look at the so called experts below, who said the most stupidest statement

And imagine what would have happened if the dreamer, the inventor, the singer, the producer, designer and business owner believed these so called experts.

Imagine all the people who said to you, with their status on the door and sleeve, and who tried to tell you how to conform, to be realistic, to do business on their terms.
'There's no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home.'
By Kenneth Olsen. President and Founder of Digital Equipment. In 1971.

'Airplanes are interesting toys of no military value.'
Marshal Ferdinand, a French Military Strategist and Future World War 1 Commander. In 1911

'Man will never reach the moon, regardless of all future scientific advances.'
Dr Lee De Frost. Inventor of the Audion Tube and Father of Radio. In 1967.

'Television won' be able to hold on to any market it captures after
the first six month. People will soon get tired of staring at a
plywood box every night.'
Darryl F. Zanuck, Head of 20th Century-Fox. In 1946
Take a look at who said these words.

They are people with degrees and hot shot status. They are inventors, commanders, and some saw them as geniuses.

Now think about teachers today, from Guru's today to business advisors, from relatives, friends who love to give free advise to you and anyone else.

The first thing you'll notice in the world is - it's easy to get free advise.

Lo and behold, everyone will want to chime in their thoughts on what will work and not work for you.

If you don't have the strategy and marketing to stay focused on activities that can save you time from people who know everything - but won't really buy from you - then you're going to have a hard time.

If you don't have the plan of action and have them written down and know how each piece fits together - and test - you will be spinning your wheels until you are hurting enough to....get a Mentor.

A Mentor who doesn't say...

"It's going to be easy. So easy, you can do it with a 'press of a button! So easy, you'll wake up tomorrow and your email inbox will be full of clients!"

How To Find Out What Really Works...
The ONLY way you will know what works is not what other people say, whether they guru, expert, commander or the inventors and system marketing designers.

Hey, I'm one of those who create marketing systems and I'm saying this to you.

You will know by...split testing.

Testing what works and for this to happen, you need to attract traffic.

The purpose is to see if there is a demand. If you're not going to waste time and make a better business decision yourself than some guru telling you what works.

It's free you from the prison of emotional trigger happy headlines that the marketer knows, will work on you.

It helps you to get the keywords right, to see how to win and - engage target audience to say what their needs are and build a list.

To see what....works!

And what works will scream at you to say...

"Yes, they want it, it works, the subscribers has increased, the sales are up and up - and away!"
You will have hungry targeted audience who experience the full process and....ready to buy. You'll have orders before creating the products, videos in your Membership site.

You'll have distributors BEFORE you sign on the dotted line to join a home business opportunity.

That is what I did!

That's how a mentor can help. Smartest move I ever made in my entire life as a grasshopper, who thought he knew something.


If I did back then, before I met my tough warrior Mentor, I'd not be in debt, waiting on two customers, and praying that they'll purchase.

Yes, give something free that is valuable and related to your offer as you test the traffic and fine tune.

Don't worry to get it pretty and right the first, second, third and fourth time.

You'll know what works in a matter of weeks or do what 97% do.

They Rave About Multiplying-Your-Income
Haven't Got One Working......Yet!"

97% Create, create, create and have all ready and...no one is buying. When that happens, you'll see the 97% jump from one opportunity to another.

Shouting, "Multiple streams of income."

When they haven't even created one!

Give and Give strategically!

Filter the people who will suck your energy dry. You cannot help thembecause they won't help themselves first. They wil drag you to their level of mind-set.

Suck you down like a quick sand and exhaust you with their stories on how they cannot afford it.

I never said to my mentor, ever, that I can't afford it - after he gave me a hammering. Boy, was that a day I got whupped by his strong mind-set.

No wonder he became a multi-millionnaire.

You got to put the time in, the studying, and do more than anyone else can do for you. Or nothing will ever change.

If you wait for your Mentor to say you need to invest in the tools he has, the books he reads, the webinars he watches, to be on his list he creates - then it's not going to happen for you.

You're not hungry enough.

I chased knowledge. I banged that door down until the book appeared. I see it as my life and no way was I going to hold back to get what I want.

That's how you need to be.

Was it fate that the book appeared and it lead me to my Mentor?

I don't know.

All I know is, whatever I focus on the most, have a plan and take 'action' consistently - it happens for me.

My Wife Says I Can't Do The Business
I didn't wait for people to tell me that my business works.

Because if you do, then this is what you'll hear...
"My relatives have never succeeded in business, so why would I?"
"My friend did that once but it didn't work."
"Oh, is that the pyramid thingy?"
"Prove me. Show me the money!
"The product is expensive."
"Old school don't work. New school does."
"Social Media? Bah! It don't work!"
"It's not a good time to set up in business because of.....recession."
"I need help but....can't afford it."
"My wife won't let me."
"My husband don't think it works."
"Perception is how you and other people see things.."

Another word for perception is called [pair-a-dimes].

And written as - paradigm.

It is the way we see things from our point of view, from our level of education, experience, mind-set and from the belief system we have.

They create limitations.

They create a wall that does not let people see beyond it.

People speak from their own belief system, the programs they have collected over the years from their parents, families, relatives, friends, teachers, TV, books and magazine they've read.

They are giving you thoughts that comes from their own point of view. Their fears, their level of thinking, and experiences.

They are sharing THEIR values.

What's yours?

Then fight for them.

When you was in a relationship you were unhappy with, or a job you didn't like and unhappy with, and a company that you were unhappy with, and friends you were unhappy with - your values were screaming out.

Saying, "This person, these people, that client, that job is not YOU! You are BETTER THAN THIS""

Why do people stay in those places that frustrate the heck out of them?

FEAR. Fear to lose something. Fear of loss! Lack of self worth. Lack of values. Always feeling that they depend on him, her, they, them.

Even with marriage.

You don't get married to find happiness. You get married to make each other happy. You don't be in a relationship to find happiness and self worth, and impress your boys and girlfriends.

You be in a relation because you both have similar values and principles. And you strive, with all your heart to not get some but to give, BECAUSE that is you. To make that person happy and nor bribe them emotionally.

I have said to my wife time and time again...
Know, that I will not forsake my principles for no one and not even you. I will not live in fear and nor will the world's morons of authorities bribe me, sell me, enslave me and say..

"If you do not do this, fill this in, and do that - then we'll take your home, fine you and do that and this.."

And then do what all men and women who have no principles to suddenly cry, live in fear, wonder of the home, how the kids will live and you live.

Either be with me all the way or go back to your family. These are my principles and each of our children shall know of them, and we shall make sure, to help them know of their OWN - and why they never forsake their OWN values.

No one can put fear on me and use my wife, my children and THINK for one moment, I'll buckle. Life will take care of them.

My family have values and they'll do alright. We are strong and all of our relatives unite when times comes.

So Prime Minster, President, MP, Councillor - take a hike . I am soveriegn and God comes first, then his legions and then me. And YOU serve us, the people and not the other way round.

You see these now - these gave me joy. I don't need money to make me happy, wealthy, feel joy and peace and content.

I don't need home, walls and anything to make me feel joy, peace, content.

My values do that. My principles do that.

That's what made many today unhappy. They forsake their values or they do not know what they are and...

Start telling people to "fill the form in because it's law," and, "Oh this business does not work.."

Here's what I say to these people..

Shut your big mouth you cowards and go on your own losing streak way. Get out of our way because we are warriors and not some slave who lives in fear.

You don't get Mentored by me if you are some wussie. You don't get mentored by me if you want me to convince you to get a backbone and fight for your success.

You get Mentored because you want someone who has balls, guts, leadership and who knows what to do, when to do it, and has the discipline as sharp as steel.

You get a Mentor to help you to see what the obstacles are, to see your habits, the self sabotaging thoughts, actions - and help you to know HOW TO remove them.

You are here>>>>!<<<<

And you want to be here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>here<<<<<

I give you the knowledge, the truth, the marketing strategy, the marketing plan so you know what the missing pieces are...

And provide the resources, training, tools and eviroment.

For you to do the work...

And go from >>>>here>>>>>>>>>>>>to>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>here!<<<<<

And if there will be times fear will come and you'll be distracted. That's why you pick up the phone or email to say it.

Then I'll say...

"Get the heck back on track! What you doing being busy with this and that. These are not in your marketing plan!"

Yes, a Mentor is not a coach. You want a coach?

Plenty of them. Go ahead.

A Mentor has lived, has years of experience. A commander, a leader that is ONLY hired when you know you got to bring someone who say what "needs" to be said. And move FAST.

A Mentor will say to you - what mummy, daddy, friends, will not say BECAUSE they do not want to upset their son, daugher and friend.

Not with me.

That's what made you unhappy.

Why You Don't Ever Try And Convince Your Prospect,
Instead..Educate using Your Marketing Tools Online

You have no time to convince a prospect in the street, café, home, hotel, facebook, forums - on how your offer can help them - when they already convinced themselves on how
the world is going to get them!

Instead you attract the ones - who want what you got and they are hungry for it. Real hungry. You can have a 10 page sales letter and they'll read the whole lot.

The one who is not hungry will complain, whinge on how long the sales letter is.

What can you do to eliminate these back and forth debate and frustrations with people who don't get it?
  • You create a strategy that is automated to educate and those of that limited think and in a paradigm of nonsense - it will filter them out anyway!

  • Or let them swim to learn, read, get educated in an enviroment you've created- until they decide to how important it is for them to fix their problem. Or they leave.
For this to work - you focus on attracting the ones who are seriously looking.

They "Can't Afford it" Paradigm

People say, "Oh, but the students, the plumber, the rep has no money. I must give for free. I must kiss their butt. I must bribe and lower my price so much, that I struggle.."

No, that's not true.

They have money to pay all their bills, get snacks, drinks at the pub, newspapers, TV channels, Holidays.

"The problem is not the prospect"

It is the business owner who is attracting people who are not hungry.

There is more wealth today than ever before. It has only changed hands to those who know how to attract it.

Focus on people who are hungry and don't tell some story that people haven't got money. Go out of your home and see where most of the shops are built!

In the most poorest places.


They spend and spend, and spend some more because it makes them feel better. 97% cannot even hold on to money. They just feel they got to spend to make themselves better.

Walk in the city centre.

You see people spend and spend. They are just not spending their money with that business owner.

They my friend are the backbone of our nation.

If you sold a membership site for $9.97 and you had 500 people from the so called poor suburb world - how much you make?

Do the math and realise that's how many wealth men and women built their fortune.

That's why you have big shops with a sign today, in the most
poor areas...

"$1.00 Quality Products Here.


"Buy 1 and get 2 for FREE!"

You'll see these places full of people buying and some are buying the latest games and all sorts from other shops. I have photos after photos to show to people who say..

"OOooh, it's recession and it's sooooooooo hard."

Photos of places in our city that is packed with people buying!

"Here's How To Get Your Values And
Story Sorted Online"

You can change wordings on your blog, opt-in offer, header,
description of your website to let the prospects know..
  • This is what you solve.
  • This is why you're solving the problem.
  • This is how we solve the problem.
  • This is who it's not for.
  • And here who it's not for.
  • This is where all will lead to (call of action).
Give a valuable offer free to educate and lead to the pay.

Get the message right first!

Know what you're selling and why.

Some people won't get it - even when you spell it out. That's why the shelf for my book is there. Put it back if it's not for you.

That's why I have an unsubscribe button on my mailing list.

Even when it's there - some people complain about why they get emails that pitch them.

Here's a novel idea...

They can unsubscribe and stop complaining!

WhySome Prospects Get It And
What Can You Do About It?

Once, my son's eyes hurt.

So we booked an appointment for our son to meet the eye doctor.

They checked his eyes and told us to come back in a week. They'll have the glasses sorted for him.

One week later, my son had his own pair of glasses.

He says, "Wow Dad! I can see so clearly now and reading the books is easier. No more headaches."

I asked my son to let me see his glasses.

I put them on.

OMG! What happened?

I couldn't see a thing! It was so blurry and my eyes began to hurt.

And yet, he can see through so clearly.

If people's believe something, then they'll do whatever it takes to support that belief. They'll search the internet on what someone says and print the whole thesis out.

Then travel for miles to give you it.

They'll find someone who failed, someone who believes what they believe to prove a point.
It's amazing to see the lengths some people go to. If most peoplefocused their efforts to tests with 100% effort on why it can work, they'll do wonders.
That's their glasses and that's what they see. That's their truth. It doesn't matter if you give them a new one - they won't see.

It be blurry and hurt their eyes and head.

Until they want to.

That's their paradigm.

Now, share this email to people on your blog and inspire them. And say hello from me, the Secret Mentor. Adam Taha

See you at the top!