Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Adding Background Image To Your Facebook Fan Page

What if you haven't got Dreamweaver and all you wanted to do, is have a background image to your facebook fan page?

Step 1.
Prevent yourself banging your head on the wall and searching online for hours; because here's the steps.

Create your background image. Use a design graphic design or image manipulation software. If you haven't got photoshop, then there's a free software you can
download and use. It's called Gimp.

Step Two:
Design your background image.

The width needs to be 520 pixels and height can be anything you want. It's 520 pixels because Facebook has already said that's what the widths of the tabs is going to be.

Save your file as jpg. Then upload it to because we'll need it's direct link url very soon.

Here's an example of
Oprah's facebook fan page:

Step Three:
Create your own facebook fan page and add the Static FBML to your page. If you need a video tutorial on how to add Static FBML, here's a video tutorial I did a while back:

Step Four Here's the code to add to the Static FBML. Just replace the 'CAPITALS' with your links. You can change the size of your image. :
Here's what it looks like to know exactly what to change:

Step Five Press save and your background image will show up. In time, if you are seriously following the journey, you'll have something like this:

How Newbies Can Surpass The MLM Players
And Become The New MLM Super Stars

A new era has come and from many a tests, our Online University will be launching. We're moving very soon to our new home, with domain name bought, hosting sorted..

To celebrate the success as well as the growth of the MLM business, a book is being launched.

It is aimed for the MLM Network Marketer who are irritated by the methods their uplines teach them. Or your using the Internet with no success.

If you're making millions and giving it all that talk on, "I'm so successful," then you don't need this book.

It's for Network Marketers who use the Internet but don't know where to start and "for God sake, just give me the practical step by step and no more hype...

Just a few pages as a preview...

It provides step by step on where to start for newbies in MLM to learn:
  • Where to start online before building your blog
  • How to be Taken Seriously with Prospects online and offline
  • How to be seen as a leader even if you're not a guru
  • The blue print and case studies showing what to build
  • The process on how to Atrract leads and what needs to be ready
  • How To Plumit The Saturation Myth To Attract More leads
  • How billion dollar companies use funded proposal (real live examples)
  • The sales funnel of female millionnaires entrepreneurs
  • How to sell your affilate products and generate cashflow
  • How to keep your prospect hooked (this one is an awesome strategy!)
  • With added information on customers I'm helping from MLM to Football Coaches
  • And much more..
This book is valued at £148.97.

The reason it's £148.97 is of it's value and I could charge much more. It answers questions many still feel are not answered in practical terms. Far too many gaps in the process.

Its to prevent anyone who is easily into buying manuals and get distracted with shiny objects online. To then not apply what's in this book.

It's not for quick buck, don't do nothing, adsense website, and anyone looking for a cookie jar of magic.

It's for MLM newbies who seriously just want the exact steps when using the Internet for their MLM business. No matter what products or services they are selling.

This book is ACTION orientated.

No bonuses will happen whe the book is launced. It it is, what it is.
I want it to stand out by it's own merit and by the lives it impacts. Not hype, not noise but with truth.

It will be available when our website blog is launched.

Adam Taha

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